Blackpool Automatic Driving Lessons
Why Auto?

Learning to drive in an automatic car should be much easier than learning in a manual car because you don’t have to worry about mastering the clutch and gears. This means that in most cases you should be able to get up to the driving test standard quicker than in a manual car.

The bad old days

In the past, learning to drive in an automatic car was not very popular. Some of the main reasons for this was due to: A shortage of affordable automatic cars. Most automatic cars tended to use more fuel than manual cars. Automatic cars were usually more expensive to service and insure.

The good news

Nowadays automatic cars are much more popular and all the major car manufacturers have a wide range of cars to choose from. Also automatic transmissions have improved greatly, they are now much more economical to the point that they can sometimes be more economical than manual cars.

In the USA nearly everybody drives an automatic car. In the UK the popularity of automatics is growing that fast that one day in the near future they may take over from manuals.

The good news is that with all this popularity things have got much cheaper such as, car repairs and insurance.

Message from Dave

If I was learning to drive nowadays, I would choose to learn in an automatic car every time. In my opinion driving an automatic is so much easier and much more pleasurable.

Automatic Gear Lever

Automatic Car Pedals

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