Blackpool Automatic Driving Lessons
Driving lessons in Blackpool and the surrounding areas

So you want to learn to drive in an automatic car and very soon rip up your L plates.

If you’re looking for automatic driving lessons in Blackpool then I can help you.

I offer all styles of driver training courses from one or two hours per week right up to intensive quick-pass courses spread over two to six weeks. I usually recommend that you take your automatic driving lessons in two hour sessions. Taking your automatic driving lessons in Blackpool in two hour slots will give you more time to master the particular skill for that lesson. I can arrange for you to be picked up from either your home, work or college.

Intensive Driving Courses

I can conduct intensive driving courses in Blackpool. These courses are sometimes described as Crash courses and Quick Pass courses. Your course can be arranged over two to six weeks, this of course will depend on your current skills and your availability.

Motorway Driving Lessons

I believe that it is extremely important for all my all pupils take a motorway lesson after passing their test. I will teach you everything about motorways such as, how to join and exit a motorway in a safe manner.

I will also teach you other skills, including, judgement of speeds, keeping a safe following distance, understanding route signs, lane discipline and how to overtake safely.

Pass Plus Lessons

I am a registered Pass Plus instructor. I can tailor a course suitable for you and give you advice as to how to get a reduction on your first car insurance.

Refresher Lessons

If you passed a driving test some time ago but then found that you haven’t driven for a long time, then maybe I can help you with some refresher lessons. I’ll teach you lots of new skills and help you to become more confident.

Driving Instructor Training

If you are interested in becoming a driving instructor I can put you in touch with a trainer of driving instructors from Students Driving School. Our school is always looking for good quality people who would like to join our expanding driving school. All driving instructor training is based on a ‘Pay As You Learn’ basis. You can find more details about this at our driving instructor training website by clicking here.

Request A Call Back

Give me a call and I’ll help you. hope to speak to you soon.

*For more details or to book a driving lesson Call or Text me on: 07881 306 405